By Sami Samhuri

March 2007

Diggscuss 0.9

The biggest change is that it uses XPath for the dirty work, which makes it quite a bit more readable. It's 100 lines longer than the previous version, but it does twice as much.

Now both a [reply] and a [quote] link are added to each comment. Replying to parent comments now adds @username: to the comment field as well as the links added by the script.

Regression: The link to the parent comment is no longer displayed. If you miss this then let me know and I will add it back in.

Any comments, criticism or feature requests are welcome just leave me a comment here or on

Happy Digging!

Digg v4: Reply to replies (Greasemonkey script)

It's nearly identical to the previous one but works with Digg v4 and should be slightly more efficient. I'm working on making it faster because I believe it is quite inefficient as it is. It was David Bendit's (the original author) first script though so kudos to him for starting this thing because I love it. I just hate a slow greasemonkey script on pages with hundreds of comments.

Please leave me some comments if you appreciate this, or have any feedback on the code.

Happy Digging!

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Full-screen Cover Flow

Cover Flow

now comes in a full-screen flavour. It's pretty sweet, but unfortunately the remote controls iTunes exactly the same so you need a mouse to flick through the covers.

That made me wonder if Front Row used this full-screen Cover Flow view for albums now, but it doesn't. I hope Apple gets on this and adds it to Front Row and the Apple TV. I'm sure it's already on their list.

I would love to be able to flick through my albums with the remote right now, but I'm not going to install one of those 3rd-party remote config tools. Guess I have to wait for Apple to do it.