By Sami Samhuri

July 2007


Sometimes this is difficult to remember for someone who (likes to think that he) thinks somewhat logically.

When dealing with people, let us remember that we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.

Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

See your regular expressions in Emacs

First, if you are an Emacs newbie then be sure to read (at least) the introduction of Being Productive with Emacs. For some reason the PDF and HTML versions are slightly similar.

Anyway, it mentions re-builder which is an awesome little gem if you use regular expressions at all1. What this baby does is open a small window at the bottom of your screen in which you can type a regex. It is parsed as you type it and matches are highlighted in the other window. Genius.

[1] If you don't use them I encourage you to "learn them" Don't pay any attention to Jamie Zawinsky and his lack of appreciation for a fantastic tool.

RushCheck: QuickCheck for Ruby

I cannot wait to try out RushCheck. It is QuickCheck for Ruby. I don't have experience with QuickCheck or anything but it's clear to see how this helps you make certain your code is robust.

A TextMate tip for Emacs users

Update: The only place I've seen this mentioned is in a comment on the MacroMates blog.

My Linux box is down due to a hardware failure; a cheap SATA controller to be specific. Perhaps that will be a story for another day. As a result I've been working on my MacBook and back in TextMate. Old habits. And I haven't gotten comfortable in any of the OS X Emacsen yet.

This gave me an opportunity to accidentally discover some shortcuts in TextMate. A result of the Emacs shortcuts that my fingers are already wired to, here are some TextMate keyboard shortcuts that may or may not be documented (I need to RTFM some day).

I think TextMate may have helped ease me into Emacs without me even knowing. I had my suspicions that Allan was an Emacs fan and now I'm certain of it. I keep finding things in one that the other has, which makes switching between them easy. Well done Allan.