By Sami Samhuri

May 2015

→ GitHub Flow Like a Pro

I'm going to snag bclean and bdone and add them to my git aliases.

→ Magical Wristband

When everything works, the reader flashes green and emits a pleasing tone; if something goes wrong, it glows blue—never red. Red lights are forbidden at Disney, as they imply something bad happened. Nothing bad can happen at Disney World.

→ Undocumented CoreStorage Commands

You can upgrade a drive to a Fusion drive in-place with these commands. Without cloning or reinstalling. convert, addDisk, then resizeVolume.

→ Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Being an iOS developer, it wouldn't make sense to buy a Windows machine. But this looks like one hell of a notebook. I love that it has an LTE option.

→ A bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand

A wide variety of new internet-connected devices require an associated SAAS subscription to work. Rather than paying a number of different subscription bills, by including the right-sized 21 BitShare with the device one can under many scenarios wholly or partially defray the expense of the cloud service.

I've joked about shipping apps that mine bitcoins instead of showing ads. Now hardware vendors can easily do the same thing. We live in interesting times.

→ Constraints and Transforms in iOS 8

Looks like a nice improvement.

→ Importing Modules in LLDB

It's great that Apple added this but I don't understand why Foundation and UIKit aren't imported automatically when you're writing an iOS app.

→ Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines

Time to read this again now that I've had a watch for a few days.