By Sami Samhuri

Some TextMate snippets for Rails Migrations

My arsenal of snippets and macros in TextMate is building as I read through the rails canon, Agile Web Development... I'm only 150 pages in so I haven't had to add much so far because I started with the bundle found on the rails wiki. The main ones so far are for migrations.

Initially I wrote a snippet for adding a table and one for dropping a table, but I don't want to write it twice every time! If I'm adding a table in up then I probably want to drop it in down.

What I did was create one snippet that writes both lines, then it's just a matter of cut & paste to get it in down. The drop_table line should be inserted in the correct method, but that doesn't seem possible. I hope I'm wrong!

Scope should be source.ruby.rails and the triggers I use are above the snippets.

mcdt: Migration Create and Drop Table

createtable "${1:table}" do |t| $0 end ${2:droptable "$1"}

mcc: Migration Create Column

t.column "${1:title}", :${2:string}

marc: Migration Add and Remove Column

addcolumn "${1:table}", "${2:column}", :${3:string} ${4:removecolumn "$1", "$2"}

I realize this might not be for everyone, so here are my original 4 snippets that do the work of marc and mcdt.

mct: Migration Create Table

create_table "${1:table}" do |t| $0 end

mdt: Migration Drop Table

drop_table "${1:table}"

mac: Migration Add Column

add_column "${1:table}", "${2:column}", :${3:string}

mrc: Migration Rremove Column

remove_column "${1:table}", "${2:column}"

I'll be adding more snippets and macros. There should be a central place where the rails bundle can be improved and extended. Maybe there is...


Feb 19, 2006

This looks great! I agree, we should have some sort of central place for these things, and preferably something that's not under the management of the core Rails team as they have too much to worry about already.

Would you mind if I steal your snippets and put them in the syncPeople on Rails bundle?

Feb 19, 2006

Not at all. I'm excited about this bundle you've got. Keep up the great work.

Feb 20, 2006

Just added the snippets, Sami. I'll try to make a release tonight. Great work, and keep it coming!

P.S. I tried several ways to get the combo-snippets to put the pieces inside the right functions but failed. We'll see tomorrow if Allan (creator of TextMate) has any ideas.