By Sami Samhuri

I don't mind FairPlay either

I think that Jim is right about Apple's DRM not being all that evil.

I buy music from the iTunes Music Store because I bought an iPod. The fact I can't play them on another device doesn't matter to me. With my purchased songs I can:

I don't buy a ton of music from the iTMS, but I can't tell the difference between any of those songs and the songs I ripped from CDs and they're all mixed in one collection. That's good enough for me.

I dislike DRM as much as the next guy, but like CSS encryption on DVDs, FairPlay is something I can live with.

It reminds me of how here in North America I have to live with the crappy cell phone companies that lock their phones to their networks. If it's something I need or want, sometimes I'll live with restrictions because there are no alternatives yet.

_Update: It's almost settled. The pope got an iPod so all that's left is to see if he buys any music off of iTunes. If he does, then it can't be evil. heh...*