By Sami J. Samhuri

Ich bin Ausländer und spreche nicht gut Deutsch

How's this for an update: I'm working in Munich for the summer at a European search engine called Seekport. The search engine isn't all they do, as right now I'm programming a desktop widget that shows live scores & news from World Cup matches (in English and Arabic). I'm building it on top of the Yahoo! Widget Engine because it needs to run on Windows. Even though I quite like the Y! Engine, I would still prefer to be coding in straight HTML, CSS & JavaScript like Dashboard programmers get to use. The Y! Engine uses XML (it is somewhat HTML-like) and JavaScript.

The place I'm living in is like a dormitory for younger people. I share a bathroom & kitchen with a German guy named Sebastian who is 21 and an artist; a stonecutter actually. I only met him briefly yesterday, but he seems nice. I'm going to teach him English, and he'll teach me German, though his English is much better than my German. It's a pretty quiet place, and we get breakfast included, dinner can be bought for €2,50, and Internet access is included as well. I brought my Mac Mini with me, and as soon as I find an AC adapter I'll be ready to go with the 'net at home. I probably won't blog again until then, since I'm at work right now.

Germany is great so far, and as soon as I get learning some German I'll be a much happier person. I consider it rude of me to expect everyone to converse with me in English, like I have to do right now.

(Oh, and they sell beer by the litre in Germany! They call it a maß.)