By Sami Samhuri

Cheating at Life in General

NB: My definition of life is slightly skewed by my being somewhat of a geek

Luckily no one in the real world cares if you cheat. Most of life is open-book, but for the times when you just need to find something quick the answer, of course, is to cheat profusely.

I've only checked out a few of the cheat sheets but they are of high quality and their wiki-like nature means if they suck and you have time you can help out. I was very pleased to find that there are a number of zsh cheats already.

They certainly know the way to my heart! Ruby, Rails, TextMate, vim, zsh, screen. That'll do snake. That'll do.

* There are cheats for emacs, jEdit, and e too if TextMate and/or vim don't tickle your fancy.