By Sami Samhuri



is a Gentoo dev and I read his posts via the Gentoo planet (and again on the planet).

He recently mentioned an idea to foster participation in Gentoo (or any other project) by aggregating personal project plans for people to browse. I thought it sounded cool so I started coding and came up with what I call inspirado.

It's fairly basic so far but it's only a week old. It is RESTful and you can get XML for most pages by appending .xml to the URL (or by using curl and setting the HTTP Accept header). Eventually Atom and/or RSS should be available as well.

Note that everything you see there is purely for testing purposes and any changes you make are most likely going to be blown away.

There are several features on my TODO list but I'd love to hear about any you might have. Write to if you have suggestions or anything else to say.

(Inspirado is, of course, a Rails app.)