By Sami Samhuri

Cheat productively in Emacs

By now you may have heard about cheat, the command line cheat sheet collection that's completely open to editing, wiki style. A couple of weeks ago I posted cheat.el which allows one to cheat from within Emacs. There's an update. However, before I get to cheat.el there's a small detour.

Cheat is not just about Ruby! A few examples of cheats available are:

As of today, Aug-21 2007, the count is at 166 cheat sheets so there's probably something there that you'll want to look up from the command line or Emacs sometime. That's enough stroking cheat's ego, but there seems to be a notion that cheat is only for Ruby stuff and that's really not the case.

So what's new in this version of cheat.el? Completion! The only thing that bothered me about cheating in Emacs was the lack of completion. It now has completion, thus it is now perfect. :) In all likeliness this won't be the last release, but I can't really foresee adding anything else to it in the near future. Enjoy!

Download it now: cheat.el

For any newcomers, just drop this into ~/.emacs.d, ~/.elisp, or any directory in your load-path and then (require 'cheat). For more info check the original article for a rundown on the cheat commands.