By Sami J. Samhuri

Snap, crunchle, pop

I think that every now and then we need to be reminded of the frail nature of our human bodies. Yesterday morning as I walked to my kitchen I was turning right by pivoting on my right foot when my 24 years of walking experience suddenly failed me. I clearly did something wrong, as I heard a crunching pop or two in my right ankle and went down. Luckily it's just a sprain but my foot is fairly bruised and still sore today. I'm trying to follow the RICE method for recuperating but one can only lay down for so long before having to eat, work, use the bathroom, etc. Thank goodness I don't work on my feet or I'd be out of commission. If it still hurts next week I'm going to see a doctor but until then I'm trying not to leave my house. The idea of hopping and hobbling to a bus to go to a doctor does not thrill me in the slightest.

Oh, if you find yourself in a bind an upside down hockey stick is a decent makeshift crutch. You'll need 2 hands to operate the thing though.

At the opposite end of the spectrum there are times when we seem to be amazingly resilient creatures. Check out a documentary called "101 Things Removed from the Human Head" if you can find it anywhere. One of those things was a boat anchor, I kid you not.